CMT & RIGOL Calibration 校正服務

從伸科技提供 CMT VNA & RIGOL 調校及檢驗服務
  • Gaging Connectors (N 接頭尺寸量測 5.26mm)
  • CW Frequency Accuracy test (頻率精度測試)
  • Output Power level accuracy test (輸出功率測試)
  • Harmonic Distortion test (諧波測試)
  • Transmission Coefficient (傳輸測試)
  • Reflection Coefficient (反射測試)
  • Reciver noise floor test(底雜訊測試)
  • Trace noise test ( 軌跡線測試)
  • Other test (其他測試)

Copper Mountain Technologies recommends a 12 month calibration interval for all VNAs and ACMs we produce. The objective of verifying performance of test equipment regularly is to ensure measurement performance is within specification. Testing procedures for our instruments are well-aligned with established processes. For example, VNA calibration procedures include measurement of RF output power, frequency accuracy, harmonic distortion, as well as S-parameter measurement accuracy.