TBCP1-200 RF Current Monitoring Probe

Tekbox TBCP1-200 RF Current Monitoring Probe

The TBCP1-200 is a fixed aperture RF current monitoring probe, expanding the Tekbox product range of affordable EMC pre-compliance test equipment.
The probe has a 3dB bandwidth of approximately 200 MHz and is characterized and usable over the frequency range from 10kHz to 500 MHz.

The aperture of the RF current monitoring probe is 25 mm. Its transfer impedance is > 14 dB Ohm in the range from 40 kHz to 200 MHz.


  • Characterized frequency range: 10 kHz to 500 MHz
  • Aperture diameter: 25 mm
  • Outside diameter: 76 mm
  • Height: 31 mm
  • Weight: 320 g
  • Connector type: N female
  • Transfer impedance: 3 to 17 dBΩ
  • Max. primary current (DC – 400 Hz): 80 A
  • Max. primary current (RF): 3 A
  • Max. core temperature: 125 °C


User Manual

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