Tekbox TBWA2 40dB Wideband Amplifier

  Tekbox TBWA2 40dB Wideband Amplifier

The Tekbox TBWA2 40dB Wideband Amplifier is a low-noise, wide-bandwidth amplifier .

Tekbox TBWA2 40dB Wideband Amplifier

The Tekbox TBWA2 20dB and Tekbox TBWA2 40dB wideband amplifiers are connected between EMC probe and Spectrum Analyzer to increase the dynamic range of the measurements.

Tekbox TBWA2 Technical Data:

Iput: 50 Ohm, SMA

Output: 50 Ohm, SMA

Gain : 40dB 

Frequency Range : 2MHz-6GHz

Maximum input power: -10dBm

Noise Figure @ 2GHz: 4.5dB

Noise Figure @ 2GHz: 4.5 … 5 dB 



EMC Near-field Probe and Wideband Amplifier User Manual

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