Millimeter-Wave Sweep generator

Sweep generator

Sweep Generator 110-170 GHz
  • Full waveguide bandwidth
  • BWO source
  • High output power
  • GPIB, RS232C and USB programmable

The G440XE Sweep Generators are portable powerful wideband general-purpose sources for swept and CW microwave measurements in local or remote operation modes. It incorporates the efficiency of micro-processing control with state-of-the-art BWO oscillator to produce a high performance sweep generator system suited for either manual or automated measurements.

ModelFrequency range, GHzFrequency accuracy, %Frequency stabilityResidual FMMin/Typ* output power, mWOutput VSWR
G44-06E33 - 50±0.2±2x10-42x10-55/251.5
G44-04E50 - 75±0.2±2x10-42x10-55/251.5
G44-035E60 - 90±0.2±2x10-42x10-53/101.5
G44-03E75 - 110±0.2±2x10-42x10-53/101.5
G44-02E110 - 170±0.2±2x10-42x10-51/51.5

CW, internal square-wave modulation and external pulse modulation modes

Internal square-wave modulation frequencies: 1 and 100 kHz

External pulse modulation (with external pin modulator, optional)

- pulse duration: 50 ns

- pulse repetition rate: 1-10 kHz

External square-wave modulation frequencies: 0.3-10 kHz

Sweep time: 0.08, 1.0, 40 s

Remote programming: IEEE-488, USB, RS-232C

Main power source requirements: 220±20 V, 50-60, 400 Hz

Power consumption: 250 VxA

Operating temperature range: 5-40 °C

Size: 342x140x360 mm

Weight: 12 kg