Eye-BERT 100G


  Eye-BERT 100G 100416A

The Eye-BERT 100G is a low cost, full-featured, stand-alone communication test set with an integrated post equalizer eye opening monitor / scanner.  Ultimate flexibility is provided with three different physical interfaces, 13 different configurations, and configurable transmit and receive clocks.  The tester supports PRBS patterns up to 263-1 and select data rates from 1.25 to 29Gbps on up to 4 simultaneous channels.  Front panel controls are also provided for stand-alone operation.  Unlike competing products, fast post equalizer eye monitoring and scanning is included and can be performed on any input channel above 5Gbps.

Eye-BERT 100G Features:
  • 1.25 to 29Gbps  x4
  • PRBS 27 to 263 -1 
  • Wavelength Tunable 
  • Standalone Operation 
  • SFP/QSFP Diagnostic Monitor 
  • Configurable Rx/Tx Clock Output 
  • Individual Output Invert and Enable 
  • Post Equalizer Eye Opening Monitor 
  • Compact Rugged Package 
  • USB / Ethernet 
  • Data Logging
 Eye-BERT 100G Applications:
  • Bit Error Rate Tester 
  • CDR, Media Converter
  • Stressed Eye Testing 
  • QSFP / SFP Tester   
Windows 10 with USB or Ethernet
5VDC, 4A max
3.5” x 5.5” x 1.5” with rubber bumpers
Jason Lin,
2017年12月27日 下午6:50
Jason Lin,
2017年12月27日 下午6:50