5G System


      40GHz RF Over Fiber

40GHz RF Over Fiber

The Tx unit uses an optical transmitter to convert RF to optical signal. The Rx unit converts then optical signal to RF signal. The two units are connected by the customer’s fiber.

RF Optic’s RF over Fiber modules are suitable for telecommunications and radar applications.

Satellite, point-to-point remote antennas, can be connected from several meters to many kilometers away from the control room. Base stations can be connected through fiber to remote sector antennas.

Broadcasters can easily distribute their full RF streams over fiber to remote locations. This eliminates the need for complex equipment to be installed in far and hard to reach locations.

With our wide-band units, cable operators can locate their broadcasting equipment centrally. The RF is connected through fiber to the remote location. This reducing the CAPEX and OPEX of their networks significantly.

Key Features

  • Frequency range: 1 GHz – 40.0 GHz
  • Best Cost Performance
  • Communications: RS-232 or Ethernet
  • Excellent Gain Flatness
  • Excellent Phase Noise
  • NF<30dB with Gain ~0 and P1dB ~-15dBm (pre amplification)
  • NF<44dB with Gain ~0 and P1dB ~13dBm (post amplification)


  • Transceiver
  • Outdoor enclosure (unidirectional/bidirectional)
  • 1U generic enclosure (4 units)



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