AT290-75 Programmable Attenuator

AT290-75 cht


 AT290-75 Programmable Attenuator

75ohm Programmable Attenuator Features

    The AT290-75 is a universal digital attenuator with standalone supply and small dimensions, providing easy handling and remote control through RS232 9 pins interface.
      Its small size and ease of use will soon make it a must in any RF professionnal or amateur lab.
        Its communication possibilities allows to include it in a larger automated test bench or in complete instrumentation systems.
          The AT290-75 is the extended frequency range version, with some great additionnal features, like USB connection, Li-Ion battery, rugged aluminium housing and graphical display.
            AT290-75 is also available with 75 Ohms impedance, but with limited frequency range (2.2 GHz) and BNC connectors, as reference AT290-75.

            AT290-75 Programmable Attenuator

            • Frequency range: 100kHz-2.2GHz
            • Attenuation range0 to 91 dB, 1 dB step
            • Insertion loss:
                        < 6 dB at 1 GHz
                        < 7 dB at 2 GHz
                        < 8 dB at 3 GHz
                        < 10 dB to 4 GHz
            • RF port & ImpedanceBNC, 75 Ohms
            • Max power : 25 dBm
            • IP3 : > 35 dBm
            • Control interface: Manual / RS232 



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