Direct Reading Attenuator with Remote Control

Direct Reading Attenuator with Remote Control

Direct Reading Attenuator
  • High resolution
  • High accuracy
  • Remote control

DA2XE Millimeter-Wave Direct Reading Attenuator is a measurement instrument for signal level setting or loss measurements in waveguide networks. It also can be used for calibration of other attenuation measurement instruments. Direct Reading Attenuators have rotary-vane design. The value of attenuation is determined by rotation angle of resistive film with respect to the waveguide channel. Attenuation value does not depend on frequency. The attenuator has electronic control. The attenuator can be used in local or remote (via USB 1.1 or higher) operation modes.
The Attenuators are provided in waveguide bands between 18 GHz and 225 GHz.

ModelFrequency range, GHzWaveguide typeWaveguide flangeAttenuation accuracyInsertion loss, dBVSWR
DAD-12E18 - 26.5WR - 42UG 595/U

±0.2dB for A=0÷10dB;

±0.02·A for A=10÷50dB;

±[1+0.08·(A-50)]dB for A=50÷60dB, where

A is attenuation in dB.

0.5 max1.15 max
DAD-08E26.5 - 40WR - 28UG 599/U0.6 max1.15 max
DAD-06E33 - 50WR - 22UG 383/U0.8 max1.15 max
DAD-04E50 - 75WR - 15UG 385/U1.0 max1.15 max
DAD-035E60 - 90WR - 12UG 387/UM1.5 max1.2 max
DAD-03E75 - 110WR - 10UG 387/UM1.5 max1.2 max
DAD-025E90 - 140WR - 08UG 387/UM2.0 max1.2 max
DAD-02E110 - 170WR - 06UG 387/UM2.0 max1.2 max
DAD-015E170 - 225WR - 05UG 387/UM

±0.2dB for A=0÷10dB;

±0.02·A for A=10÷30dB;

3.0 max1.3 max

Max input power: 0.1 W (CW, avg.)

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