E-Plane Bend

E-Plane Bend

Waveguide E-plane bend WR-5Waveguide E-plane bend WR-12
  • Low insertion losses
  • Precision flanges
  • Low VSWR

E-Plane Bends are essential parts of every waveguide systems. E-Plane formed bends are available with angles of 15°, 30°, 45°, 90°. Maximum VSWR is 1.1. The sizes and combinations are available on request.

ModelFrequency range, GHzWaveguide sizeVSWR
BE-90D-06E33 - 50WR-221,1
BE-90D-04E50 - 75WR-151,1
BE-90D-035E60 - 90WR-121,1
BE-90D-03E75 - 110WR-101,1
BE-90D-025E90 - 140WR-81,1
BE-90D-02E110 - 170WR-61,1
BE-90D-012E220 - 325WR-31,1

Ordering information

H-plane bend figurative view

X Operation range wave length, mm
L Dimensions, (mm)
E E-plane bend
H H-plane bend
F Finish (flanges)
S - silver
G - gold
Y Degrees
90°, 45°, 30°, 15°, (and other).


Example: BE90DW06E - 50 - S
E-Plane Bend for 33 - 50 GHz frequency range, 50mm length, 90° angle, silver plated.

Jason Lin,
2018年5月29日 凌晨1:23
Jason Lin,
2018年5月29日 凌晨1:23