Twist waveguide

Twist waveguide section


Twist waveguide section
  • Low insertion losses
  • Precision flanges
  • Low VSWR

Twists of 90° and 45° are used for changing of polarization in waveguide networks. Twists with different angles and combinations of bends are available on special order. Maximum VSWR is less than 1.10 over the full frequency range.

ModelFrequency range, GHzWaveguide sizeVSWR
TW90D-06E33 - 50WR-221,1
TW90D-04E50 - 75WR-151,1
TW90D-035E60 - 90WR-121,1
TW90D-03E75 - 110WR-101,1
TW90D-025E90 - 140WR-81,1
TW90D-02E110 - 170WR-61,1
TW90D-12E220 - 325WR-31,1

Ordering information

Twist waveguide section figurative view

X Operation range wave length, mm
L Dimensions, (mm)
F Finish (flanges)
S - silver
G - gold
Y Twist angle
90°, 45° (and other).


Example: TW90D06E - 50 - S
Twist for 33 - 50 GHz frequency range, 5
0mm length, 90° twist angle, silver plated.

Jason Lin,
2018年5月29日 凌晨1:36