Waveguide Directional coupler

Directional coupler

Directional coupler
  • High directivity
  • Minimum coupling variation
  • Low VSWR

The DCZ-XXE/Y directional couplers are used for extracting or introducing RF power flow in a transmission line without distortion of signal characteristics. The directional couplers are available in 3, 6, 10, 15, 20 dB coupling values and 30 - 35 dB minimum directivities*. 4-ports directional couplers are available in bi-directional (BDC4-XXE/Y) and dual-directional (DDC4-XXE/Y) configurations.

ModelFrequency range, GHzWaveguide sizeMain line VSWRSecondary line VSWRInsertion loss, dBCoupling flatness, dBNominal Coupling accuracy
DCZ-08E/Y26,5 - 40WR-±0.7 dB7%
DCZ-06E/Y33 - 50WR-±0.7 dB7%
DCZ-04E/Y50 - 75WR-±0.7 dB7%
DCZ-035E/Y60 - 90WR-±0.7 dB10%
DCZ-03E/Y75 - 110WR-±0.7 dB10%
DCZ-025E/Y90 - 140WR-±0.7 dB10%
DCZ-02E/Y110 - 170WR-±0.7 dB10%
DCZ-015E/Y170 - 225WR-±0.7 dB10%

Ordering information

Directional coupler figurative wiev

X Operation range wave length, mm

Z Number of Ports
3 = 3 ports
4 = 4 ports

Y Coupling value
3, 6, 10, 15, 20dB

F Finish
S - silver
G - gold

DC-ZXE/Y - L - F

Example: DC1-06E/20-S
Directional Cou
pler with 30 dB directivity, for 33 ÷ 50 GHz frequency range, 20dB coupling value, silver plated.

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2018年5月29日 凌晨12:57
Jason Lin,
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Jason Lin,
2018年5月29日 凌晨12:58