Wideband 20 GHz RF Digitizer and Python-based Open Application Framework for Test and Measurement

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ThinkRF WSA5000 RTSA Technical Overview

ThinkRF WSA5000 RTSA Detailed Hardware Overview

PyRF Open Application Development Framework Product Brief

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ThinkRF and GaGe/Signatec Ultra-WideBand RF Receiver/Digitizer Datasheet

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PyRF Open Application Development Framework with Source Code and Examples

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WSA5000 Quickstart Guide

WSA5000 RTSA Software v0-7 User Guide

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WSA5000 v3-2-3 Programmer’s Guide

Software and Firmware Releases

Each release bundle contains documentation, firmware and software including executables, C and MATLAB APIs, and source code. The ThinkRF WSA5000 is a network appliance and as such we provide support for interfacing to the WSA5000 via the standard SCPI and VITA VRT network protocols and as per the WSA5000 Programmer’s Guide. All of the provided applications, APIs and source code are provided “as is” and for example only.

Please note if your firmware version is different than that within the release bundle then a firmware update is required as per the Firmware Update Quick Notes.

Release Package 141015

NOTE: Meant for product version 2.0 and above. This firmware is incompatible with all product versions below 2.0

This release consists of the following main capabilities:

  • Firmware:
    • Improved Noise floor figure
    • Improved calibration values
    • Fixed HDR PLL unlock issue
  • API:
    • Added Labview API
    • Added Labview API examples
  • RTSA Application:
    • HDR gain control in GUI now allows values up to +20 dB
    • Sweep ZIF (100 MHz steps) now only shown in GUI when developer menu is enabled
    • GUI PLL Reference control now works in Sweep mode
    • Darkened trace color in GUI for attenuated edges and dc offset now matches trace color
    • Alternate sweep step color in GUI now matches trace color
    • DC offset region now limited to middle three bins in GUI (was expanding when decimation was applied)
    • Correction to usable region in ZIF and SH modes with decimation applied
    • Fixed HDR center offset value
    • Added device information dialog to GUI