Our multimedia HF Signals Database contains millions of current records containing unequalled detail about the users of the HF Spectrum today. 

We continuously catalog, analyze and re-verify EVERY signal and network on the air using our globe-spanning network of receivers - both manned and unmanned.

Hundreds of new, completely-analyzed entries are made each day, not only to frequencies and signaling systems in use, but to the callsigns and other characteristics of those networks.

      real data
Several hundred languages and dialects are also precisely identified. Links are provided to network diagrams as well as to pictures of various equipment.

Every signal is completely documented in the database, with detailed technical parameters. 

   frequency table
The frequency table of the database contains a number of fields containing all relevant technical information to give the user a full picture of the signal .

  other tables
There are 7 other tables, each with relevant, thorough and detailed fields. Our database offers more than 12x the depth of data and 7x the detail of any other product on the market. 

Jason Lin,
2016年11月18日 凌晨12:42