WSA5000 信號解碼分析系統

WSA5000 cht


  Professional Signals Analysis and Decoding System

Krypto500 and Krypto1000 SIGINT software

SIGINT (COMINT and ELINT) applications, for the monitoring of RF Signals.

Krypto500, Krypto1000 and the ThinkRF WSA5000 software-defined radio (SDR) receiver offer a powerful, transportable and remote deployable combination of ELF-SHF SIGINT tools. The transportability of the WSA5000 and low CPU and RAM footprint of Krypto500 offer myriad possibilities for employment – from tactical and special forces applications using alternative power sources to traditional SIGINT platform applications (ships, submarines, aircraft, UUV, USV and UAV) using rugged Tablet and Laptop PCs. WSA5000 and Krypto500 / Krypto1000 are a veritable ‘SIGINT site in a box’ allowing for online, real-time collection and analysis, as well as offline, post-mission analysis.

Built-in SIGINT collection tools in the Krypto500 and Krypto1000 SIGINT software suites allow for manned or unmanned collection and manual or fully-automatic scanning, decoding and fingerprinting operations. The collection toolset can drive the WSA5000 to record based on schedule or via any of HUNDREDS of triggers using ANY combination of modem decoder or voice detector. The WSA5000 complements with wide bandwidths, a fast spectrum scan rate, and real-time caching of captured data.

Krypto500 and Krypto1000  are full analysis, classification, fingerprinting and decoding tools that provide you with the deepest possible look into your target signals - in real time! 

Built for SIGINT professionals, Krypto500 and Krypto1000 use adaptive filters and special compensation routines to overcome deep and persistent fading and high-noise conditions for maximum intelligence extraction.

Through comprehensive parsers, we produce more accurate textual decode where no other decoder can. We're not a radio monitoring company nor providing software designed for the last Cold War - we're the leading COMINT software provider. 

This means working with an entity like COMINT Consulting, who is active AROUND THE WORLD in collection operations, and who performs fine-grain analysis on EVERY signal we find. 

Our decoders and analysis tools will keep pace with changes - new variations to signals, cheap clones, add-ons and hybrid or complex modulations.

Our unparalleled familiarity with the worldwide signals environment gives us a unique analytic insight which we incorporate into our decoders. 

As a result, we built a solution that adapts to your mission and not other way around. Our products are compatible with ANY platform, ALL Windows OSs, and ALL of the world's leading VMs. We extend and enhance the capabilities of your SIGINT system - whether an EA or an ES system. 

Jason Lin,
2016年11月18日 凌晨12:31