4+1 Channel 24 Bit Analogue to SDI-12 Converter Din Rail (TBSAB02-DR)

4+1 Channel 24 Bit Analog to SDI-12 Converter Din Rail TBSAB02-DR


4+1 Channel 24 Bit Analog to SDI-12 Converter Din Rail TBSAB02-DR


The TBSAB02 is a 4+1 channel analog to SDI-12 interface for 24 Bit A/D conversion of sensor signals. A/D conversion and configuration is controlled via SDI-12 commands. The interface is equipped with signal conditioning circuits which can be customized for various input voltage ranges. It offers low current consumption and comes in a Din Rail housing. Each channel can be independently scaled with a 3rd order polynomial to enable gain and offset calibration of the connected sensors. A built in 3 wire interface for direct connection of PT100/PT1000 offers additional versatility. The TBSAB02 provides digital signals for the power management of the connected sensors. Four on board, SDI-12 controlled high side FET- switches are provided to power on/off connected sensors. 

  • ANALOG to SDI-12 Interface
  • 4+1 24 Bit Sigma Delta ADC channels
  • 4 analog inputs; configurable as 4-20mA current loop or 0-2,5V voltage inputs; other voltage ranges upon order
  • Input over-voltage protection
  • 3-wire PT100/1000 interface
  • Configurable sensor power management signal for each channel
  • Configurable slope and offset for each channel
  • ±0,025%, 2ppm/°C reference voltage
  • Chopper stabilized buffer for low offset
  • 50Hz & 60Hz line rejection filter
  • SDI - 12 Standard V1.3
  • Plug and Play
  • 6 - 16V supply voltage
  • Din Rail housing
  • Operating Temperature Range:
  • - 40°C … + 85°C

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2016年1月25日 下午8:24
Jason Lin,
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