Air Temperature/Humidity Probe

SDI-12 Air Temperature/Humidity Probe TBSHT02


SDI-12 Air Temperature/Humidity Probe TBSHT02


The TBSHT02 is an air humidity and temperature sensor with SDI-12 interface. The sensor uses a  single chip sensor element which measures both temperature and air humidity.  
Each sensor chip is individually factory-calibrated.
The sensor chip is protected with a PBT filter cap carrying a PTFE membrane with 1.5µm pore size.
The TBSHT02 Board provides through holes for the connection of a SDI-12 interface cable.
With dimensions of only 70mm x 8.5mm, the board can easily be fitted into many standard sensor housings.


  • Air humidity and temperature sensor
  • Approximate calculation of dew point / frost point, absolute humidity and cloud base
  • SDI-12 Interface
  • Temperature resolution: 0.01°C
  • Temperature accuracy tolerance:
+5°C to + 60°C: typ. ±0.2°C, max. ±0.4°C
-40°C to +5°C: max. ±1°C
+60°C to +85°C: max. ±0.75°C
  • Air humidity resolution: 0.04% RH
  • Air humidity accuracy tolerance:
10% to 90%: typ. ±1.8%RH, max. ±2%RH
0% to 10%: max. ±4%RH
90% to 100%: max. ±4%RH
  • SDI-12 controllable open drain outputs to switch ventilation or de-iceing
  • SDI-12 Standard V1.3
  • Plug and Play
  • 6 - 16V supply voltage
  • 70 mm x 8.5 mm x 3mm
  • Operating Temperature Range:- 40°C … + 85°C
  • Excellent price-performance ratio

Jason Lin,
2017年3月1日 上午2:51