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   Portable DAS Coverage Simulation Test Kit

Portable DAS Coverage Simulation Test Kit

As carriers shift emphasis from macro builds to providing the same level of LTE connectivity in-building, the outlook for distributed antenna systems (DAS) and small cell deployment, by carriers, venue owners and enterprises, is strong. As a result, DAS planning test has also become a top priority for operators and DAS constructors.
BlueBat Portable DAS Coverage Simulation Test Kit is an industry leading solution of DAS coverage simulation. It includes a handheld FDD-LTE pilot signal (i.e. real signal generated by base station) receiver and a portable size FDD-LTE pilot signal Transmitter. The test kit can be carry with single suitcase and 1 staff is enough to perform DAS coverage simulation test. With this kit, User can estimate DAS coverage in planning phase that closely match the future real coverage.

Portable DAS Coverage Simulation Test Kit

  • Support FDD-LTE pilot test and CW test in 700MHz to 2700MHz frequency range.
  • Transmitter power adjustment range: 0-43dBm, with the step of 0.5dB. In CW mode, output power and frequency can be set; In FDD-LTE pilot mode, output power, frequency, PCI, BW can be set, CP can be select.
  • The power, frequency and other parameters can be remotely set via Transmitter control APP. The instrument is easy to operate and carry, with the effective operating distance of 10m, avoiding radiation injury resulting from high-power transmission.
  • Receiver output RSSI for CW test; output frequency, PCI, RSRP, CINR, RSSI and other parameters for LTE pilot test.
  • Android OS, 720p high resolution multi-touch screen.
  • Support manually pointing the test location on map, directly shows the test trace in test APP. Support various map format (.jpg, .bmp, etc.).
  • Receiver support 6 hours operating time after full charging.
  • Support data replay and analysis. Result can be displayed in table, chart, test trace and other forms.
  • Save test results in real time. More than 3GB usable internal storage.

Portable DAS Coverage Simulation Test Kit

RF Features

Frequency range

Pilot mode: 700MHz to 2700MHz

Spectrum analysis: 10MHz to 4200MHz

Modulation & demodulation


Frequency step



-110dBm (RSRP)

FDD-LTE channel bandwidth




Span set to 50kHz, Ref set to -100dBm, all other settings auto-coupled, 23±5. Normalized to 1 Hz RBW.

Phase noise

-96dBc/Hz, @10KHz, center frequency set to 1GHz

Maximum safe input level


Sampling speed


Transmitter output power

0dBm to 43dBm (20W)

Power step


Power accuracy

Typical: ±1dB

Max: ±1.5dB

Out-of-band Spurious

≤-50dBc (beyond the operating frequency of 200kHz)

Second Harmonic

≤-15dBc (typical)


Receiver OS


Test port connectors

Transmitter: N type, female,50 oHm

Receiver: N type, female,50 oHm

Communication Interface

Transmitter: Wi-Fi

Receiver: USB type C, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi


Transmitter: 200 x 110 x 230 (mm)

Receiver: 200 x 99 x 67 (mm)


Transmitter: 4.5kg

Receiver: 1.25kg

Operating time

6 hours

Power supply

Transmitter: 220V AC; 28V DC; max power consumption: 140W

Receiver: Slim Tip, DC20V/4.5A


Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C

Storage Temperature: -20°C to 70°C


Li-on type


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