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   Handeld DAS Power Loss Test Kit

Handeld DAS Power Loss Test Kit

As carriers shift emphasis from macro builds to providing the same level of LTE connectivity in-building, the outlook for distributed antenna systems (DAS) and small cell deployment, by carriers, venue owners and enterprises, is strong.As a result, DAS acceptance testing has also become a top priority for operators and DAS constructors.
Transcom has provided Feeler which significantly surpass current DAS acceptance test solutions on time and manpower consumption. Feeler is new set of DAS acceptance testing instruments. Feeler reduce DAS acceptancetesting time into seconds. Wit handheld size FL-TX Sweep SignalSource and FL-RX Sweep Signal Receiver, all frequency points testing results can be automatically output in one test. A signal person canperform the testing.

Handeld DAS Power Loss Test Kit

  • Frequency Range: 85MHz to 4000MHz
  • Output Power: -5dBm
  • Testing dynamic range:>60dB
  • Testing Speed: 200ms*Testing Channel Number
  • Testing Channel Number: 30(Max) editable
  • Additional Spectrum Analyzing  function supported
  • DANL@1GHz: -168dBm/Hz
  • Phase noise@1GHz: -96dBc/Hz @10KHz, -118dBc/Hz @1MHz
    • FL-TX 182x95x47(mm)
    • FL-RX 200x96x66(mm)
    • Weight:
    • FL-TX 0.9kg
    • FL-RX 1.3kg
    • Operating Time: 4 hours

    Handeld DAS Power Loss Test Kit

    RF Features

    Frequency Range

    85MHz to 4000MHz

    Testing dynamic range


    Internal time base reference oscillator

    Aging: ±2.5ppm

    Measurement amplitude accuracy


    Measuring Speed

    200ms * Testing channel number

    Testing channel number

    30(Max, editable)

    TX max output power


    Frequency resolution





    Test port type

    N type, female, 50 Ω


    TX: Micro USB, USB 2.0

    RX: USB type C for data

    Slim Tip, DC20V for charging


    TX: 182x95x47(mm)

    RX: 200x96x66(mm)


    TX: 0.9kg

    RX: 1.3kg

    Operating time

    4 hours


    Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C

    Storage Temperature: -20°C to 70°C


    Li-on type

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