Arinst SSA-TG LC R2

Arinst SSA-TG LC R2 Portable Spectrum Analyzer with a tracking generator

Arinst SSA-TG LC R2 Portable Spectrum Analyzer with a tracking generator

Arinst SSA-TG LC R2 is a portable panoramic spectrum analyzer designed to display signal spectrums in the frequency range from 36 to 5990 MHz.

The analyzer finds the amplitude and frequency of spectral components of the analyzed process. Spectrum analyzer can operate with signals for all widely used technologies: Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, CDMA, DCS, GSM, GPRS, GLONASS and others.

Another important feature is the presence of additional capabilities of the tracking generator, which makes it possible to measure the frequency response of passive or active devices, for example filters or amplifiers. The software allows measuring SWR and return loss module. This requires an external directional coupler and a set of calibration measures.
  • displayed frequency range: 36-5990 MHz;
  • the main measured frequency range: 36-3000 MHz;
  • the dynamic range in the band 36-3000 MHz: 70 dB;
  • maximum span: 5954 MHz;
  • bandwidth drive: 250 kHz fixed;
  • the speed of the review in the band 100 MHz: < 0.1 sec;
  • shelf noise in the band 36-3000 MHz: < -95 dBm;
  • impedance: 50 Ohm;
  • VSWR in operating frequency range: < 1.5;
  • internal attenuator: 0-30 dB;
  • attenuation error up to 10 dB: 2 dB;
  • attenuation error 10 to 20 dB: 5 dB;
  • attenuation error 20 to 30 dB: 8 dB;
  • the output power of the tracking generator: -15...-25 dBm;
  • the accuracy of the signal display within the dynamic range: 2.0 dB;
  • maximum input power at attenuator 0 dB: 10 dBm;
  • maximum input power at attenuator above 20 dB: +20 dBm;
  • the measured maximum input signal: +10 dBm;
  • maximum DC input voltage: 25 Volts;
  • maximum current consumption when working from USB: 350mA.


Arinst SSA-TG LC R2 is primarily intended for field operation. The device is rugged and light with low energy consumption. It enables service centers and maintenance teams to perform on-the-spot HF analysis for commissioning and repair works. Moreover, the spectrum analyzer is a perfect solution for repair workshops and radio amateurs.

For example, using the device you can perform the following operations:
  • put an external antenna on the base station
  • to conduct a rapid analysis of RF environments
  • check the correct operation of the repeater cellular
  • repair and adjustment of the repeater, generator, filter, etc.
  • measure SWR when using an external directional coupler.

Basic functions of the analyzer software (when viewed via a tablet/phone)


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