150 MHz USB Arbitrary Function Generator

The Analog Arts AG885 is a complete compact USB-based package that supports a wide range of user requirements, including a powerful standard function generator, easy freehand and math operated signal generation, powerful yet intuitive DSP, and many more. This can be upgraded to also include an oscilloscope with spectrum analyzer and data recorder, a logic analyzer, and a digital pattern generator. This small device is compatible with any PC running Windows with a USB port, with no need for an external power supply. The AG885 was developed for users who choose not to sacrifice performance for value. With an output frequency of up to 150 MHz, and a sampling rate of up to 400 MHz, the AG885 is a leader in high end test equipment. The included software package boasts powerful tools such as a signal processing suite, all with an intuitive, easy to use interface. Try out the free demo software and watch the comprehensive video tutorials and reviews to see what the AG885 can do for you.

 Features AG885 Video Description
  • 10 mHZ to 150 MHz (sine-wave) output frequency
  • 400 MHz (sine-wave) sample rate, 100 MHz (other signals) sampling rate
  • 64 k (with option to 512 K) RAM waveform length
  • 12-bit DAC and programmable analog filter for a smooth output
  • 0 V to +3.5 V (7 Vpp) output range
  • Over 20 standard functions
  • txt & csv data data format capability
  • Custom API to control all features
  • Powerful DSP: 12 advanced windowing, filtering, math, freehand capabilities
  • Easy signal generation with point, line, pen, copy and paste, and more
  • No external power supply
  • Intuitive application software with assortments of features
  • Size: 3X5 inches, 7.5X12.5 cm - Weight: 8 oz, 225 g
  • Optional instruments include oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, data recorder, logic analyzer, pattern generator, and data acquisition
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