Triarchy Vector Spectrum Analyzer


 VSA6G2A Vector Spectrum Analyzer 

Vector Spectrum Analyzer VSA6G2A Product Details
  • Frequency Range: Low Band: low band 100Hz~2MHz, high Band 1MHz~6.2GHz
  • Frequency Spans: 100Hz~1.35MHz at FFT mode,1.35MHz~6188MHz at PLL mode full span sweep time 820ms
  • Sweep Time: PLL mode: 262ms to 200s, FFT mode: 3.33ms~40s
  • Dimensions: 115mm(L)x25mm(W)x25mm(H)
  • FM radio
  • Two way radio
  • TV application
  • Remote controller
  • Cellular and PCS, CDMA and GSM, GPRS, Edge,WCDMA and 3G, LTE.
  • 915MHz, 2.4G ISM band application, 5.8G ISM band application
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • WiMax
  • Field test and installation
  • ATE system


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