ACM4509 Automatic Calibration Kit

The 9 GHz 4-port ACM4509, is a fully automatic USB-controlled and powered electronic calibration module. The entire calibration procedure is integrated into CMT’s user interface and accessed by connecting the ACM directly to the PC hosting the CMT analyzer software. Precise S-parameter factory characterizations of the calibration impedance states are stored in the ACM4509 memory and, with a single click, the ACM4509 automatically switches through these states to perform a complete calibration. 


  • N-Type or 3.5mm connectors
  • Insertable or non-insertable female configurations
  • USB data connection and power
  • Supports USBTMC-USB488 standard
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Frequency: 100 kHz – 9 GHz 

  • ACM4509:

    Minimizing the number of steps required by technicians reduces the risk of human error and expedites the calibration process. Automating the calibration routine also reduces wear and tear on the analyzer and RF cables. To perform full two-port calibration, each end of the ACM need only be connected to the analyzer once, as opposed to seven connections with a traditional calibration. 

    An open API is enables use of the ACMs with third party analyzers and custom applications. For more detailed information on ACM configurations and specifications, please see the data sheet at right. 

    Configuration options for the ACM4509:
  • -Model # (Port A/C-Port B/D)
  • -01111 N-Type Female-Female
  • -01212 N-Type Male-Female
  • -11111 3.5 mm Female-Female
  • -11212 3.5 mm Male-Female

    Support Vector Network Analyzers
  • 808/1
  • C1409

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