KC901Q Handheld 
Vector Network Analyzer


KC901Q is a multipurpose RF instrument integrating a Network Analyzer, spectrum analyzer, field strength meter, and a signal generator. It can measurement the level and phase change of signals through the device under test.

The KC901Q is significantly different in function from other KC901 series instruments. KC901Q has NO Built-in coupler, can NOT measurement S11 parameter directly, The built-in output attenuator is ONLY work below 7GHz, More than 7GHz it will bypass the attenuator. Special attention should be paid when measuring amplifiers.


Main Features

  • Vector network analyzing up to 20GHz
  • 1Hz frequency step
  • Good accuracy and anti-interference ability
  • Abundant functions and easy to carry (Weight less than 1kg)


Main Functions

  • Transmission measurement (Filter adjustments, measuring amplifiers, verifying directivity of antennas)
  • Reflection measurement (Impedance matching network adjustment, antenna feeding system quality evaluation)
  • RF source plus an extra audio signal source
  • Spectrum display and field strength observation (potentially used for inspecting a radio station’s emission performance, or for searching for the interference sources)


Recommended Applications

  • KC901Q is mainly used for adjusting various RF circuits, such as filters, amplifiers, splitters, combiners; With suitable external coupler it can testing input/output impedance, evaluating antenna feeding system and detecting equipment’s signal amplitudes. It can also do field strength measurement, which is useful for checking the correct operation of low powered devices with integrated antennas and when searching for interference sources etc.
  • Combining intelligence in the community, KC901Q is the tool to study RF for students and hobbies. In professional situations, it is used in communication engineering, antenna manufacturing, daily maintenance of broadcast, RF circuits development and so on. KC901Q improves working efficiency, ease the weight burden and improve working quality.


What in package

  • 1 x KC901Q
  • 1 x power adapter
  • 1 x strap
  • 1 x user manual
  • 1 x desktop stand


Package Size

≈ 31cm×26cm×12cm
≈ 2.0Kg


Warranty and Return

1 year warranty

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Handheld Vector Network Analyzer
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