VNA-PR1 1-6200


Arinst VNA-PR1 1-6200 Portable vector network analyzer

VNA-PR1 1-6200MHz Nework Analyzer

ARINST VNA-PR1 portable two-port vector network analyzer is designed to measure the matching characteristics of passive and active radio devices (antennas, cables, filters, attenuators, amplifiers), check the integrity of high-frequency cables, measure their parameters and other amateur radio measurements.

The device measures parameters S11 and S21, voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), impedance, admittance, phase, group delay time (GD), losses and distance to cable fault.

For example, you can use the instrument to do the following:
  • Perform impedance matching using the Smith diagram
  • Measure the standing wave coefficient
  • Measure the frequency response of active devices
  • Measure attenuation in the cable
  • Measure the distance to damage in the cable or its length
Advantages of vector network analyzer VNA-PR1 1-6200MHz

  • a 4-inch color touch screen allows you to quickly configure scanning parameters and display measurement results
  • simple and intuitive on-screen interface of the device
  • wide range of operating frequencies: from 1 to 6200 MHz
  • high scanning speed - 1000 points / s
  • low error of reflection coefficient measurement: 0.25 dB and 0.7° over the entire frequency range
  • adjusting the output power of the probe signal generator
  • the ability to display up to four independent markers on all graphs, allowing an accurate assessment of the measured parameter
  • displaying almost all possible interpretations of the reflection coefficient
  • saving 32 user presets and 32 measurement results – traces
  • setting the SWR threshold line for Smith, Polar, SWR, and Log charts. Amp (in S11 measurement mode)
  • ability to measure the distance to damage and loss in the cable
  • ability to compensate for the electrical length of the cable
  • shift of the amplitude scale when measuring the frequency response of active devices and attenuators
  • low weight and dimensions: 400 grams with "pocket" dimensions 150 × 81 × 27 mm
  • intelligent system for determining the maximum charging current depending on the power source
  • built-in 5000 mAh battery provides up to 2.5 hours of battery life

 Operating frequency range  1-6200 MHz
 Input connectors  SMA(female)
 Frequency resolution for frequencies 1-100 MHz  100 Hz
 Frequency resolution for frequencies 100-6200 MHz  10 kHz
 Maximum number of scan points  1000
 Scan speed   1000 points / s
 Dynamic range S21 (BW=250 Hz) for frequencies 1-1,5 MHz  > 60 dB type.70
 Dynamic range S21 (BW=250 Hz) for frequencies 1,5-4500 MHz  > 80 dB type.90
 Dynamic range S21 (BW=250 Hz) for frequencies 4500-6200 MHz  > 70 dB type.75
 Directivity effective {1} (after full one-port calibration)   > 55 dB
 Input standing wave ratio  < 2
 Phase measurement error  < 0.7°
 Magnitude measurement error  < 0.25dB
 Resolution for determining the distance to fault  (C x VF) / 2S m
 Maximum length of the measured cable , when VF=1  3000 m
 Compensation electrical length of the cable, when VF=1  ± 3 m
 Maximum DC Input Voltage  + 25 V
 Maximum input power supplied to the ports  + 10dBm
 Maximum power of the probing signal  < -5dBm
 Displayed charts  Smith chart; polar chart; phase of the reflection coefficient S11 and transmission coefficient S21 ; magnitude of S11 and S21; logarithmic magnitude of S11 and S21; SWR; distance to fault; cable loss, group delay.
 The number of user settings to remember 32
 The number of traces to remember  32
 Working temperature range  0 ... +40°С
 Screen 4" touch, resistive
 Screen resolution 800 х 480
 Overall dimensions (L×W×h)  150×81×27
 Mass  0.4 kg

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