SN5090-x Multiport Vector Network Analyzer


    SN5090 Multiport Vector Network Analyzer

SN5090 Multiport Vector Network Analyzer  is a competitively priced, versatile multiport solution with excellent dynamic range and measurement speed. There are additional models available in 8-, 10-, 12-, 14-, and 16-port configurations.

SN5090 Multiport Vector Network Analyzer are an organic extension of the Compact VNA family, enabling the full complexity of VNA measurements, a streamlined calibration process, and reduced test times. The SN5090 hardware can fit a 19” rack and utilizes robust, durable port connectors with ergonomic positioning for simplified cable connection. SN5090 features CMT’s next-generation software that delivers an intuitive and contemporary user interface compatible with both Linux and Windows OS.

VNAs are delivered with factory calibration certificates containing no data. The add-on option for ISO17025/Z540-1 Accredited, Traceable Calibration Certificate and Uncertainties is available and needs to be specified at time of order

SN5090 Multiport Vector Network Analyzer provides a wide variety of analysis capabilities, including time-domain with gating and frequency offset modes, at no additional cost. Collection of metrology-grade S-parameter test results can be achieved manually or though automation in Python, MATLAB, Excel, C++, VB.NET, or LabVIEW. 

SN5090 Multiport Vector Network Analyzer

  • Frequency range: 300kHz to 9GHz
  • Measured parameters: S11~ Sxx
  • Sweep types: Linear frequency, log frequency, segment, power sweep
  • Dynamic range: >145 dB (10Hz IF bandwidth) typ.
  • Measurement speed: 24 µs, min typ.
  • Output power adjustment range: -45 dBm to +10 dBm
  • Up to 50,001 measurement points per sweep

   Keysight E5071C 
    Keysight E5080A
Keysight M9485A

SN5090 Multiport Vector Network Analyzer

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