CMT SC5065 Vector Network Analyzer

CMT SC5065 Vector Network Analyzer is an 9 GHz, 2-port instrument, capable or 140 dB dynamic range and is designed for operation with any Windows PC or laptop. Thanks to its unmatched portability, CMT SC5065 Vector Network Analyzer can be shared easily within a team or brought to test sites. The free, lightweight VNA application connects to the CMT SC5065 Vector Network Analyzer with a standard USB cable, creating a future-proof solution that significantly enhances ease of use compared with conventional instruments. 

CMT SC5065 Vector Network Analyzer provides a wide variety of analysis capabilities, including time-domain with gating and frequency offset modes, at no additional cost. Collection of metrology-grade S-parameter test results can be achieved manually or though automation in Python, MATLAB, Excel, C++, VB.NET, or LabVIEW. 

CMT SC5065 Vector Network Analyzer

  • Frequency range: 300 kHz to 6.5 GHz
  • Measured parameters: S11, S12, S21, S22
  • Sweep types: Linear frequency, log frequency, segment, power sweep
  • Dynamic range: >140 dB (10 Hz IF bandwidth) typ.
  • Measurement speed: 16 µs, min typ.
  • Output power adjustment range: -45 dBm to +15 dBm
  • Up to 500,001 measurement points per sweep

   Keysight E5071C 
    Keysight E5080A
CMT SC5065  Vector Network Analyzer  
  • CMT SC5065 主要程式
  • CMT SC5065  敎學程式
  • CMT SC5065  使用手冊
  • CMT SC5065  Labview Driver
  • CMT SC5065  自動程式碼範例(CPP ,   LabView , Malab , VBA)

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